FAQ – Develle Eye Lash Wimpernseren

FAQ – Frequently asked questions and matching answers about Develle Products

  1. How do you apply Eyelash Serum by Develle?

After your usual evening cleansing regime apply the eyelash serum to upper and lower eyelids. With the help of the applicator supplied you will be able to apply the exact amount necessary. Only a small amount of serum is sufficient in order to achieve excellent results. Apply the eyelash serum by Develle just like eyeliner. Simply dip the applicator into the serum, pull it out and gently wipe off any excess. The amount left on the applicator will be all you need for both eyelids. You will need a steady hand in order to apply the serum correctly. With a little practice you will be able to manage the application in a matter of seconds. Should any of the serum come in contact with the eye, particularly during the first few attempts at application, simply rinse with warm water.

  1. How long should Develle eyelash serum be used for?

How long the eyelash serum is used for depends on the customer’s preferences. The manufacturer suggests continuous use to ensure lasting effects. At the beginning of the treatment it is necessary to repeat the application every evening for six to eight weeks. It is recommended that application of the eyelash serum should continue even after this “initial treatment period”. Only then the wonderful lasting effects of luscious long eyelashes can be maintained. After the daily application period of six to eight weeks it is however only necessary to repeat applications every two to three days.

  1. How long does a bottle of eyelash serum last?

Each bottle of eyelash serum contains 7ml. This is enough to last for a whole year.

  1. Can the eyelash serum cause allergic reactions?

It is clear that many cosmetic products can produce side-effects, particularly with long term use. This is however not the case with Develle eyelash serum. There are no known side-effects of this eyelash serum.  Invariably, persons with sensitive skin have to exercise a little caution since it is such persons who might experience slight redness of the skin or even itching. Should you experience any allergic reactions, simply discontinue use of the serum for a few days and then start again. Should the irritation persist for a prolonged period of time it is recommended to consult a doctor or pharmacist. Use of Develle eyelash serum is not advised for persons under 18, pregnant women or women who are breast-feeding.

  1. Is it possible for contact lens wearers to use Develle eyelash serum?

Develle eyelash serum is perfectly safe to use by persons wearing glasses as well as persons wearing contact lenses.

  1. Can Develle eyelash serum be used during chemotherapy treatment?

It is recommended that use of the serum be delayed until the end of chemotherapy treatment.

  1. Can other care products be used after application of Develle eyelash serum?

The eyelash serum by Develle Premium Cosmetics is designed for application after removal of make-up and the evening cleansing regime. After a two minute drying period it is safe to apply your usual care products.

  1. Is it possible to tint eyelashes during treatment with Develle eyelash serum?

Of course eyelashes can be tinted during on-going treatment with Develle eyelash serum. The effectiveness of the eyelash serum will not be compromised.

  1. My friend experienced faster results. Why?

The ingredients of Develle eyelash serum are, in principle, responsible for a lengthening of the lash-growth period. It is however necessary to point out that every person has a different natural hair-growth period. That is the only reason that a friend might experience faster results. The final outcome however will not be affected by these differences. Every woman can achieve long eyelashes.

  1. Can Develle eyelash serum be used when wearing false eyelashes?

Develle eyelash serum can be used while wearing false eyelashes.

  1. Are Develle eyelash serums suitable for all women?

Develle Premium Cosmetics are a cosmetics company focussing on the needs of women. Currently the company offers three eyelash serums, Quick Eyelash Serum, Supreme Eyelash Serum and Sensitive Eyelash Serum. These different serum variations ensure that each and every woman can find the serum that suits her particular needs.

  1. Are Develle eyelash serums safe to use?

All eyelash serums produced and sold by Develle Premium Cosmetics are subjected to rigorous dermatological testing. These tests establish not only the effectiveness of the serums, but also their tolerability. All three eyelash serums are impressive in terms of their optimal skin tolerability, few or no side-effects and their highly effective ingredients. It can therefore be said that Develle eyelash serums are perfectly safe. Pregnant or breast-feeding women as well as persons under 18 years of age should however refrain from using the serums.

  1. Which ingredients do Develle eyelash serums contain?

Eyelash and eyebrow serums by Develle Premium Cosmetics contain only the purest and most effective ingredients in order to achieve maximum results. Sensitive Eyelash Serum stands out because it does not contain prostaglandins or parabens. Supreme Eyelash Serum takes advantage from its double strength lash growth formula and is also paraben free. Quick Eyelash Serum boasts a highly active double concentrate of active ingredients which stimulate lash growth. All ingredients are dermatologically tested and can be used safely.

  1. Can Develle eyelash serums be used alongside henna?

In principle the use of Develle eyelash serums and henna are not mutually exclusive. Henna further accentuates the effects on the eyelashes.

  1. Is it possible to wear make-up during the day whilst treating lashes with Develle eyelash serums?

Wearing make-up does not present a problem. It is recommended that Develle eyelash serums be applied in the evenings. At the end of the day make-up and any other products are removed thoroughly before the eyelash serum is applied. They are best placed to produce their full effects overnight, leaving you free to enjoy your usual make-up during the day.

  1. How long does it take before first results can be seen and how long does treatment with serums by Develle Premium Cosmetics have to continue for?

First visible results can usually be observed after just 14 days. Within just a few days of treatment eyelashes and eyebrows will appear noticeably smoother and will look healthier. It does however take 14 days before there is clear improvement to the length of the hairs and before pigmentation becomes more apparent. Full effects can be seen after six to eight weeks. In order to achieve excellent results it is however necessary to repeat the treatment daily. The serums are used as a kind of spa treatment and should be used daily for up to three months. In order to maintain clear, beautiful results it is then necessary to top up treatment on a regular basis. To that end treatment needs only to be repeated every two to three days and the required procedure is the same as during the initial treatment phase.

  1. How do you apply the serums?

Treatment with eyelash serums by Develle Premium Cosmetics is essentially very straightforward. Each serum comes with a dedicated applicator. This can either be a small, delicate brush or a slightly wider one. This applicator is used to draw a line along the lash line. It is important to have a steady hand for this application but you will improve in time. It can be helpful to practice with eyeliner beforehand. Develle eyelash serums are essentially applied the same way as eyeliner, very close to the lash line. One single line is perfectly sufficient. It is important however that the face and particularly the area around the eyes is cleansed thoroughly before treatment.

  1. How long will a bottle of Develle eyelash serum last?

The bottles of Develle eyelash serum contain approximately 7ml of serum and will last for a treatment period of around a year.

  1. How long do Develle eyelash serums keep for?

Once opened, Develle eyelash serums will definitely keep for 6 months.

  1. What happens if I forget an application or if I apply serum twice in one day?

It does not matter if you forget an application, simply carry on as usual the next evening. Please note however that frequently missed treatments may result in a diminished end effect. In principle no ill effects will result from twice daily application of Develle eyelash serums, higher frequency of treatment will not however lead to faster or more pronounced results. You will effectively be wasting serum if you use it too often, since more applications do not equate to better results.

  1. What happens once you’ve stopped using Develle eyelash serums?

If you stop using Develle eyelash serums altogether the effects of beautiful, long, healthy, thick and dark eyelashes will disappear over time. It is therefore not recommended to discontinue treatment if you want to keep your stunning eyelashes.

  1. With daily applications of Develle eyelash serums the skin turns darker in places. What can you do?

It is possible that some users experience skin reactions at the application sites when using Develle eyelash serum. This is however generally not a reason for concern and will disappear within a short period of time. Should the skin changes not disappear, please consult your doctor.

  1. What should I do if Develle eyelash serum gets into my eyes?

Particularly at the beginning of treatment it is common for some of the serum to come in contact with the eye. This is not a reason for concern. Simply rinse the eye with warm water and then repeat the application process.

  1. Are Develle eyelash serums available on the high street?

Develle eyelash serums are not available on the high street but can be purchased online via https://develle-cosmetics.com or from Amazon.

  1. Can others find out that I’m using Develle eyelash serums?

Customer service and confidentiality are extremely important to Develle Premium Cosmetics. Products are delivered in discreet packaging. It is also impossible to access confidential customer data. Only persons who you choose to tell will know that you buy and use our products.

  1. How long are your delivery times?

Speed and customer satisfaction are extremely important to Develle Premium Cosmetics. Orders therefore have to be delivered in a matter of days. When making an order you will be able to choose your payment method which will in turn determine the speed of delivery. In general goods are delivered within three working days of payment being received.

  1. Can you deliver Develle eyelash serums abroad?

Develle eyelash serums are available for purchase outside Germany. We currently receive orders not only from within Europe but also from other countries around the world. We therefore of course deliver abroad. It should however be noted that delivery times to other countries vary and may be substantially longer. We send parcels exclusively via DHL or Hermes. It is however possible to have parcels delivered to a DHL parcel depot. For our German customers with a German place of residence we also offer C.O.D., this payment method does however attract a C.O.D handling charge in addition to the purchase price. Delivery within Germany is charged at € 6.90. Delivery charges within Europe are € 9.90. Charges for all other countries on enquiry. Delivery is free of charge on orders above € 100.

  1. What makes Develle eyelash serums so special compared to other serums on the market?

The differences start with the choice of ingredients. Develle Premium cosmetics only use ingredients of the best quality, which are then processed in Germany. Germany has very strict guidelines regarding quality and control and all our products are manufactured according to these guidelines. Additionally, all our products are subjected to dermatological testing to ascertain their unique effectiveness and tolerability. Customer satisfaction is also an absolute must. Extensive advice and fast delivery are part and parcel of our service. We also offer excellent value for money, since average treatment costs amount to less than € 10.00 per month.

  1. What’s the difference between QUICK and Supreme Eyelash Serum?

The difference is that Develle Quick Eyelash Serum contains twice the amount of an eyelash growth agent (with a prostaglandin molecule).

Supreme Eyelash Serum contains a mixture of two different eyelash growth agents (one eyelash growth agent with and one without a prostaglandin molecule) (it’s basically like a combination of Develle Sensitive Eyelash and Develle Quick Eyelash – but with just the single dose of the eyelash growth agent contained in Develle Quick Eyelash)

  1. Does the serum work in older people?

Yes, the serum works for people of all ages.

  1. I have glaucoma and have to use eye drops mornings and evenings. I have the following question about your product: What’s the best way to use the serum when also using eye drops which lead to tear production?

Carefully apply the serum along your lash line, ideally daily (in the evenings after your cleansing regime)

  1. Can eyelash serums be used if you have permanent eyeliner?

Yes, you can use eyelash serums by Develle Premium Cosmetics if you have permanent eyeliner.

  1. Are Develle eyelash and eyebrow serums suitable for eyebrows?

Yes, Develle eyelash and eyebrow serums are suitable for use on eyebrows.

  1. What is the difference between the various types of eyelash serum by Develle?

The difference is that Develle Quick Eyelash Serum contains twice the amount of eyelash growth agent (with a prostaglandin molecule).

Sensitive Eyelash Serum by Develle Premium Cosmetics is prostaglandin free and only contains the cosmetic eyelash growth agent X-Lash.

Supreme Eyelash Serum contains a combination of two different eyelash growth agents (one eyelash growth agent with and one without a prostaglandin molecule) (it’s basically like a combination of Develle Sensitive Eyelash and Develle Quick Eyelash – but with just the single dose of the eyelash growth agent contained in Develle Quick Eyelash)


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